About Us

Brief Intro

At ByAndLarge, our duty is simple - to win hearts.

Five years ago, we began with the wholesaling of business gifts in India. Today, we still sell business gifts but with something else. That 'something else' helps us build sustainable happiness which enriches our company's culture and the customer experience.

And that 'something else' took us global so that we could win hearts globally and we do.

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What We Do


Corporate Gifts Wholesaling

ByAndLarge Wholesale is dedicated to selling business gifts in India. A huge collection of gifts, from seasonal purposes to brand promotions.


International Trading

ByAndLarge Exports is dedicated to selling business gifts to the world. All of the gifts are made in India and reflects the true Indian craftsmanship.


Marketing & Promotions

Branque is dedicated to help businesses market and promote their true values through our services, strategies and planning.


Printing & Designing

ByAndLarge Prints is dedicated to provide printing solutions like brochures, cards, flyers and more to businesses, often for promotions.

The Responsibles

Bhavika Wadhwani

Founder & MD

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Manish Kapoor

Risk & Growth Analyser

Shubham Paul

Global Sales Head

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Strategic Advisor

Sonia Ammu

Growth Manager

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Mouna B

Operations Head

Our Clients

Over 525 businesses trust us, of all sizes, from different countries across industries such as Aeronautical, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, IT, Engineering and others.

We respect all business types, big or small, and helping them spread joy in their corporations.