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Full-Grain Leather Products

About Leather We Use

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What is

The strongest and the most durable part

of the hide is just below the hair. The grain pattern in this part is very tight and the leather made from here is called FULL-GRAIN leather. Since it is the outermost part of the hide, it reflects the natural feel and all characteristics of pure leather. It is expensive to produce and difficult to work with and that's why the same is reflected in the cost. It is not corrected, sanded or buffed by any means and over time, it looks nicer and develops patina from being handled.

Yes, it is NOT Genuine leather. The term 'GENUINE LEATHER' is highly misused in the retail industry. Yes, Genuine (Split) leather is a part of leather but it is not Full Grain leather. You can see on the right side, the location of the Genuine (Split) layer. This (Split) part is separated from the grains. Because it doesn't have grains, naturally, it is weak and doesn't long last and that's why it is corrected and artificially finished. You may not come to know the difference between Genuine (Split) and Full Grain leather at your first glance unless you have an expert standing with you. After 2-3 years of daily use, you will start noticing the difference but it will be too late.

Is it

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How to

But no worries. You can check Full Grain leather before you buy and without any tools. Scratch it with your nails and it leaves the mark just like your skin. Press and twist it hard, it gets wrinkles just like your skin. The edges are rough because it is not corrected. And at last, the price. It will be 3-4 times the Genuine (Split) leather. Of course, there are other ways like Flame test, Grain structure test, etc. but we believe you don't own a lab while placing orders. You can watch the video below for practical tests. 

It Explains All

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